Definitions for "PPI"
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An acronym for lan osition ndicator .
Plan Position Indicator. It is a radarscope over which the wave of an object reflecting radar shows its bearing and the distance from the radar detector by making a spot of light to appear on a screen that represents a map of the area around the detector.
Display on which radar signals are shown in plan position with range and azimuth angle displayed in polar coordinates, forming a map-like display.
Producer Price Index - PPI - measures changes in the selling price producers...
Producers price index. The PPI outputs index measures changes in prices received by producers. The PPI inputs index measures changes in costs of production excluding labour and depreciation costs.
See CPM pricing model
proton pump inhibitors. drugs that reduce gastric acidity by inhibiting the proton pump within the gastric lining cells; examples of PPI include Prilosec® and Nexium
Proton Pump Inhibitor. Proton Pump Inhibitors (such as omeprazole) are a treatment for heartburn that reduce the production of stomach acid by inhibiting the action of the proton pumps.
Protein Pump Inhibitor
A measure assigned to paper stock by the manufacturer to be used in calculating book spines; i.e., total book pages (256) divided by paper PPI (512) = 1/2 spine.
Specifies the resolution of an image, as it appears on a monitor.
Abbreviation for Pages Per Inch. PPI = 1/ CALIPER x 2
Printed Postage Impression. System enabling volume users of mail services to pre-print the envelope with a postage impression instead of applying stamps to individual pieces.
rinted ostage mpression. A graphic device used on envelopes, postcards and mailing labels to indicate that a business has a Business Reply License. ( See our Envelopes page for examples.)
See Postage Paid Indent.
Payment Protection Insurance. See Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance.
Payment Protection Insurance. A policy that covers Life, Accident, Sickness and Unemployment. These terms vary between lenders.
Payment Protection Insurance. An additional monthly insurance premium, based on the outstanding balance on a credit card, that provides a cardholder with protection in the event of illness, disability or unemployment. Cardholders should always check that this sort of product is appropriate to their personal circumstances.
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Partito Popolare Italiano
(Pasukan Pejuang Integrasi) Integration Fighters Force
A modular interface with interchangeable components that allows third-party vendors to integrate network print drivers into Windows 95.
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Pamphlet (Nonfiction)
plan particulier d'intervention.
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PPi Inorganic pyrophosphate
Pensions Policy Institute
Pooled Pension Investment. This is not a pension scheme itself, but a system of investing a pension fund in a range of stocks, shares and so on. The idea is that it will be more flexible, and that members will have a better idea of how much their pension is worth. Before the Government chose the name PPI, some people suggested it would be called a Lifelong Individual Savings Account (LISA) .
A personal priesthood interview. These individual interviews, usually held annually, by a someone in the quorum presidency to check on the status of the members.
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Pulse Polio Immunization
Permanent Pacemaker Implantation; a type of therapeutic cardiac catheterization.
Patient and Public Involvement
Patient Package Insert
Patient Pack Initiative
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See "Plan Position Indicator."
This economic indicator
Priority Prevention Indicator
A division of The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.
Progressive Policy Institute - (
PPI refers to the size of a printed picture, with a higher number meaning the picture is more detailed.
Productivity Point
Productivity and Process Improvement
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Past Performance Information