Definitions for "PPC"
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Political Phone Campaign
See CPC pricing model
Search Engines – Search engines that allow web sites to bid on traffic on a CPC/PPC basis. Auction formats vary, but typically it is an open bidding process where you can determine how much to pay to be listed in a certain position in paid results at search engines. PPC search results are often distributed over other distribution partner search engine sites, and sometimes to contetually relevant content sites.
An abbreviation for a powered parachute.
This abbreviation stands for Particle Projection Cannon, a magnetic accelerator firing high-energy proton or ion bolts, causing damage both through impact and high temperature. PPCs are among the most effective weapons available to BattleMechs.
Short for "Particle Projection Cannon", a magnetic accelerator firing high-energy proton or ion bolts, causing damage both through impact and high temperature. They are the most effective weapons available to 'Mechs. Though they have a theoretical range limited only by line-of-sight considerations, the technology available for focusing and aiming the bolt limits effective range to less than 600 metres.
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owered ara hute. Not to be confused with a powered paraglider
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Partido Popular Cristiano
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Pilgrim&apos s Pride Corp
Stands for Practical Pistol Course, a course of fire developed by the FBI that involves shooting at man-silhouettes from a variety of ranges and shooting positions. Shot competitively, usually by police. The custom heavy-barreled revolvers favored in these competitions are known as "PPC revolvers."
A technique where placements are determined by how much id bid on a particular keyword or phrase. Can become very expensive.
Patient placement criteria. Standards of, or guidelines for, AOD abuse treatment that describe specific conditions under which patients should be admitted to a particular level of care (admission criteria), under which they should continue to remain in that level of care (continued stay criteria), and under which they should be discharged or transferred to another level (discharge/transfer criteria). PPC generally describe the settings, staff, and services appropriate to each level of care and establish guidelines based on AOD diagnosis and other specific areas of patient assessment.
Chlorinated polypropylene
Paramount Pictures Corporation
Percept Picture Company
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pilot proficiency check
production possibilities curve. a graphical representation showing the maximum quantity of goods and services that can be produced using limited resources to the fullest extent possible
performance planning card
UCSC department: Physical Planning and Construction
Acronym for PowerPC. Typically used with software designed to be run on computers which use the PowerPC series of processors.
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Plain paper copy paper. See Copier paper
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ay er lick
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You get paid for every visitor you send to the online merchant regardless of any sale or purchase.
Payment made prior to contact. Payment information will be obtained whenever possible.
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Partial Private Circuit
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See ‘Sponsored Links'.