Definitions for "POWER SUPPLY"
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The device within a computer that converts external AC power to internal DC voltage.
The part of a piece of equipment that provides the electricity for other parts.
MR] A unit that changes 110 volt house current into low voltage current used to run the trains and accessories. Sometimes called transformer.
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a very important part of any computer
a vital part of any computer system and that's truer today then it ever was
a vital part of any computer system and thats truer today then it everwas
In the fictional Star Trek universe, starships have a power core that takes up most of the height from the roof to the floor of the engineering section of the vessel. In the 24th century all Starfleet vessels use matter/antimatter power cores. These use matter, heavy hydrogen slush/metal, and antimatter, antiprotons, and antineutrons.
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a full dual mono
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The piece of hardware within the chassis that transforms wall current to the appropriate levels for the system hardware. It also contains the power switch, reset button, and fan.
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syn. Generator, q.v.
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an exclusive charge pond
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a perfect match