Definitions for "Power Gamer"
A common term with various meanings, though most are similar. (1) General term for players who seek to make their PCs as powerful as possible, often trying to find ways to manipulate or overcome the GM interference. (2) One of the four types in the Blacow Player Types which was adopted by Robin Laws for his seven player types. (3) Within Ron Edwards' GNS theory, "a potentially dysfunctional technique of Hard Core Gamist play, characterized by maximizing character impact on the game-world or player impact on the dialogue of play by whatever means available." References: The Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering Player Types (from Glen Blacow and Robin D. Laws) Gamism: Step On Up
A gamer who uses his / her character solely as a vehicle for power fantasy, collecting artefacts, money, weapons and experience points. S(he) always takes the most powerful character.
a person that chooses to play characters that when totalled up are very powerful compared to the 'norm'
an individual that makes a name for themselves, and probably the reason that Uri chose to interview me