Definitions for "Pot Committed"
Keywords:  chips, stay, bet, incorrectly, enough
Staying in a hand against logic because you have already bet too many chips to fold.
1. In limit poker, feeling (incorrectly) psychologically trapped into calling because of heavy previous investment in the pot. A call should be based on pot odds, not ancient history. 2. In big bet poker, having most chips in the pot, such that a loss will not leave enough to continue effectively. In this case, it is correct to stay in the pot.
When a player has most of his or her chips in the pot and is therefore forced to continue betting on the hand or be left with very few chips.
Keywords:  beaten, think, worth, folding, raise
When you have put so much money into a pot it is not worth folding to another small raise, even if you think you may have been beaten.