Definitions for "Posts"
Keywords:  refractory, kiln, shelves, lintel, beam
the main verticals of walls or doorways that support a lintel
Articles made of refractory material which support kiln shelves during firing.
Refractory material used to support shelves at different heights inside the kiln.
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see newels.
Keywords:  handrail, anatomy, main, corners, apart
Posts are the main structure in you handrail system and should be placed at the beginning of each section, end of each section, corners or turns in direction and spaced no further than 8' apart.
A vehicle anatomy term meaning the rolled sheet metal assemblies on vehicles that attach the roof to the main body of the vehicle. (ie. A-post, B-post etc.)
Email messages sent to a mailing list or Usenet newsgroup to be read by subscribers or others on the Internet.
noun. A message in a newsgroup
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PostScript printing device