Definitions for "Postponement"
a verbal announcement made at the time and place of the scheduled trustee's sale that establishes a new date or time for the trustee's sale. The sale cannot be changed from the originally noticed location.
Where a race is run later in the day, bets made prior to the postponement still stand. If the race is postponed to another day, overnight declarations must be ruled as standing for the bets to remain valid.
A verbal announcement made at the time and place of the scheduled Trusteeâ€(tm)s Sale. The announcement establishes the new date and time for the Trusteeâ€(tm)s Sale.
The act of postponing; a deferring, or putting off, to a future time; a temporary delay.
The deferment of a prior charge on title to another
time during which some action is awaited; "instant replay caused too long a delay"; "he ordered a hold in the action"
The process of establishing a subsequently registered mortgage at a higher priority than an existing mortgage should a fault occur
If the perspective client has previously granted security to its bank or another secured creditor over its accounts receivable, Liquid will require the bank or the other creditor to sign a postponement (or subordination) agreement in favor of Liquid, acknowledging Liquid's priority over the client's accounts receivable. The security registered against the client in favor of the bank or the other creditor remains in place, but it postponed (or subordinated) to the security registered in favor of Liquid.
of assessments - see Deferral of courses - see Interruption