Definitions for "Postmaster"
One who has charge of a post office, and the distribution and forwarding of mails.
The person responsible for taking care of e-mail problems, answering queries about users, and other.related work at an e-mail server site. By agreement between sites, codified in the RFC's for e-mail, any site that has email connectivity must have a human being who answers mail addressed to [email protected] Many postmasters are also handling security questions and systems ethics questions. See also e-mail. WWWebfx Home Page
The person who manages mail servers at an organization. This is usually the one to contact at a particular server/site to get help, information or to log complaints.
a person in charge of a post office printing press - a machine for printing things like newspapers, books and magazines
the person in charge of a post office
an executive officer restricted to the performance of executive functions
One who has charge of a station for the accommodation of travelers; one who supplies post horses.
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Symbol for CAN Controller services.