Definitions for "Postcard"
An item of mail on which nothing appears on the right side of the face except the name and complete address of the addressee and such postal endorsements or labels as are necessary to facilitate delivery of the postcard. The postage must be affixed in the upper right-hand corner of the address side. (carte postale)
Postcards get a special "post card" rate from the USPS. A postcard may be no larger than 4.25" x 6" (minimum size is 3.5 x 5") and at least .007 inches thick. It must be rectangular in shape. Special 1st class presort rates are also available. There is no special, nonprofit rate for post cards. NOTE: Double postcards do not fall into this category.
A commercially printed card with space on one side for an address and a postage stamp. Used for sending a short message through the mail as well as a cost effective method of advertising a business or service.
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Many competitions specify that you should enter by postcard. Blank postcards can be purchased quite cheaply from budget stationery shops. You can enter on picture postcards if you want. Some people believe they improve your chance of winning, others do not. Try a selection of each. Sometimes postcards can get sent back to you as the sorting process believes you are the recipient. To avoid this occurring, write the address of the competition on the right hand side (at right angles to the usual way) or use a plain postcard where it says address to be placed on this side. You can always write something like ‘This is my address to be entered into your competition on the other side'.
a great way to let others see the beauty of Utah
an efficient and economical way to contact customers
a little bit more difficult to assimilate than Head Injuries simply because it's not so riff-based, with more and more emphasis placed on solid vocal melodies than memorable musical phrases
Paper used for the production of postcards. This paper is available in uncoated stock, coated one side and cast- coated one side.
a great alert for the working casting director," Stone insisted
an easy thing for customers to hand out to their friends and colleagues
a fairly public document and, unless written in a code or foreign language, can easily be read by anyone who happens to see it
an intimate message so use personal language
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a dirt-cheap marketing tools
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a required item of the packet
a particular medium that works well for a number of reasons
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a good option