Definitions for "Postage Stamp"
Keywords:  stamp, postal, envelope, gummed, bep
a piece of printed security paper, usually gummed, produced by the BEP or other authorized printer under controlled and secure conditions, sold by the Post Office, to be used by a mailer to evidence payment of postage.
Any stamp, postage impression or postage meter impression authorized by Canada Post for the purpose of paying postage. (timbre-poste)
(aka: "postage stamp green") a green with a particularly small surface area presenting a demanding target (i.e. small as a postage stamp).
This term is used to describe a 4:3 aspect ratio image that the broadcaster has up-converted to a 16:9 aspect ratio image, then displayed on a 4:3 aspect ratio screen. Black borders appear at the top, sides, and bottom of the screen (image fails to fill screen both vertically and horizontally). (See Zoom definition below.)
The appearance of a black border all around the picture, usually in error, when 4:3 material is converted to 16:9 and then back to 4:3 before broadcast.
a small, usually square piece of paper that letter senders employ to mail parcels
Covering four numbers anywhere on the card to form a 2 x 2 square
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a receipt of payment in advance
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a reduced image of the first frame of an animation