Definitions for "Postage"
Due stamp issued to collect unpaid postage.
Meter - A device that can print one or more denominations of postage onto a mailpiece or meter tape. It is available for lease only from designated manufacturers.( Go Back to Previous Page )
Payment for delivery service that is affixed or imprinted to a mailpiece, usually in the form of a postage stamp, permit imprint, or meter stamp.
Many times, even though it doesn't look like it, your stationery or invitation may require extra postage. warns you if this may be the case, but the best and safest method is to take your fully stuffed envelope to the post office and have them give you the lowdown. If you are absolutely against this, try out the Post Office's extra postage formula (as of 11/97). Any card will require extra postage if the measurements exceed any of the following: 6 1/8 inches of width, 11 1/2 inches of length, or 1/4 inch of thickness. Also, additional postage is needed for any piece whose length divided by height is less than 1.3 or more than 2.5.
The price established by law to be paid for the conveyance of a letter or other mailable matter by a public post.
a token that postal fees have been paid
The charge or surcharge payable for the collection, transmission and delivery by Canada Post of messages, information, funds or goods and for Coverage for loss or damage or other special services provided by Canada Post in relation thereto. (port)
the fee charged for sending an item through the mail.
the charge for mailing something
the price established for transporting mail