Definitions for "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"
An emotionally stressful situation causing a serious injury or shock to the body with lasting psychological damage.(his/her thoughts, his/her mind, very, concussion, from it, on it, something the matter) (frightened, by it, stress disorder, became)
PTSD may arise after an extreme traumatic stressor. Such events may include disasters (natural or man-made), assaults, or serious accidents. It is possible for prolonged stress (eg being a hostage) as well as sudden horrific events to cause PTSD. Symptoms include repeated flashbacks, an inability to stop dwelling on the event, feeling of detachment/estrangement from others, sleep disturbance, and difficulty concentrating. There is now a large medical/scientific literature documenting the various aspects of PTSD, which can be a very long lasting disorder. However, it is very rare after brain injury, as the injured person does not remember the accident/injury due to RETROGRADE AMNESIA (qv) and POST -TRAUMATIC AMNESIA (qv).
A condition affecting people who are haunted by memories of terrible events, such as war or child abuse