Definitions for "Post office"
Includes any place, receptacle, device or mail conveyance authorized by Canada Post for the posting, receipt, sortation, handling, transmission or delivery of mail. (bureau de poste)
A contract station of the U.S. Postal Service, the Campus Post Office was established in 1917 and offers full federally regulated service to the campus community and public. All commuter and resident students are provided with mailboxes at no charge.
a local branch of the United States Post Office
Express (POE): A postal retail unit located within an independent business to serve consumer needs related to merchandise and postal products and services.
a children's game in which kisses are exchanged for pretended letters
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a place where you can buy stamps, and I'd like some stamps, please
a shop providing a range of postal and financial services
Communication Controller chip.
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a facility where the public can In the U
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See under 4th Post.