Definitions for "Post Oak Bluff"
Keywords:  bluff, steal, oak, pot, zilch
A minimum-size bet intended to create the impression that you want a call.
An advanced betting concept that can only be made against a very good player. A weak player will have no idea of the strategic subtleties of the post oak bluff, and will always ruin this bluff. At the end of a hand where there is a huge pot a player makes a relatively small bet into that pot. His opposition feel that they are being suckered in to donating a little extra cash, and reason that he must have a huge hand in order to make this play. So they fold, and the post oak bluff is successful, because the player making the small bet really has no hand. Weaker players feel obligated to call because so much money is already invested in the pot.
a bluff from a tight player who tries to make a small bet into a big pot in hopes that the other player has zilch, and will just give up on the pot