Definitions for "Poser"
a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not
One who pretends to be something one is not.
A non-vampyre who pretends to be a vampyre by claiming to: Have come from a line of vampyres, Be immortal, Be unable to step over flowing water, Be unable to cast an image in a mirror, etc.
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n. Derogatory term for people with a gucci bike that never see an actual trail. Usually found in or near a bike shop, or driving around the parking lot of the local trail. Synonym for Fred.
derogatory term for people with $7,000 bikes that never see an actual trail. Usually found near a trail head and never dirty. Seinfeld may be an example.
A wannabe Biker also referred to as sidewalk commando... may or may not own a bike.
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One who stands among men at work, without really working. Merely "posing" as a worker (common at most college gigs). Submitted by Karl Kuenning RFL from Roadie Net.
a person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor; "the president didn't have time to be a model so the artist worked from photos"
a person or persons who try to make people believe they are who they aren't
a person who tries to mimic another person in appearance and actions
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fake, imposter
Someone who can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. Usually seen milling around the base of many climbs (but rarely on any routes) wearing wrap-around shades and embarrassingly tight neon lycra that must have a radioactive component.
This is a computer program that can render people in a variety of poses (hence the name). It has been embraced by SW fans as a way to generate realistic SW situations using a home computer. While the images are not of the resolution of, say, the Final Fantasy movie (yeah, good luck), they are as good or better than much of the standard hand-drawn art out there.
Someone who acts better than they are.
One who, or that which, puzzles; a difficult or inexplicable question or fact.
a particularly difficult or baffling question or problem
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a girl/guy who listens to a certain type of music or dresses a certain way to impress people or to fit into a certain crowd
A digital art tool used to create 3D human figures.
Poser is a 3D rendering and animation software program optimized for models that depict the human figure in three-dimensional form.