Definitions for "Pos "
Pos is an experimental chess program based not on the Shannon algorithm, but on several others. It is not a brute force system. The algorithm used is determined by a genetic algorithm.
Pos, Portable Operating System. Perl-powered, o.s. for small and modular environments. May only required an internet connection and some Perl modules somewhere.
Point Of Sale. The physical location at which goods are sold to customers.
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oint ale - the location at which a payment card transaction occurs, usually by way of a device such as a credit card terminal or cash register.
( oint ale) transfer of a product to the customer by a provider
A merchants system to collect electronic payments at the oint ale.
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Porcelain on steel. A finish commonly used on sinks and tubs.
orcelain teel. A finish commonly used on sinks and tubs.
Piece Of S*%t. The antithesis to real bicycles, typified by Huffy, Murray, and any of a number of other bicycles that are poorly designed, manufactured, and assembled.
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Parents over shoulder
Parent(s) Over Shoulder (aka "Shhh, don't get me in trouble!")
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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
A blend of outsole materials bonded to a lightweight carrier which combine superior traction with durability and responsiveness.
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ProCite Output Styles
Abbreviation for part of speech.
Part of Speech. The Part of Speech is the linguistic function of a word in a phrase or sentence.
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POSitional (mode of FGS operation)
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Parachute Training School
Piece of $#&*. Self explanatory. Often used to explain bad driving with the word You used in front of it.
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Packet over SONET.
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Plain Old Stereo
Map. Plains of Snow
Programme of study in individual subjects of the National Curriculum taught during the four key stages
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Politically correct term for MOS.
Public Open Space. land provided in urban or rural areas for public recreation, though not necessarily publicly owned.
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This is the place in which a cash transaction for product takes place, making it a prime target for advertising placement.
Principal Only. As the name implies, the holder receives a portion of the cash flow derived from the principal payments produced by the underlying instrument(s).
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Piece of shit
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Pussy on the Side
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cf. Practice Office System
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See primary operating stocks.