Definitions for "Portrait"
Orientation in which the image is displayed vertically.
The standard orientation for paper.  This is the default setting for printing documents. (also see Landscape)
Refers to the orientation of a printed page where printing is done across the width of the page. A portrait orientation is normally used for most printing applications like business letters and reports. The term portrait is derived from portrait paintings framed vertically like a rectangle standing upright on one of its short sides.
a brilliant present for yourself, your family, your friends and your pets
a good way to remember a loved one in your family, a family pet or just someone you look up to
a loving tribute to a devoted pet
The likeness of a person, painted, drawn, or engraved; commonly, a representation of the human face painted from real life.
like off-the-shoulder neckline, scoops from the tip of one shoulder to another. top of wedding glossary
An artist's depiction, most often an oil painting, of a person, traditionally in a formal setting. When well done, portraits usually provide an artistic representation of the subject as well as revealing some of their character and personality. Portraits can also be of a group of people or even pets. See oil portrait
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Portrait is the fifth album by American pop group The 5th Dimension, released in 1970 (see 1970 in music).
Portrait came out of L.A. onto the R&B scene in 1992 riding on the end of the new jack era. The group's self-titled debut album was released in the same year and featured two hits on the charts. "Honey Dip" reached #18 on the R&B charts.
"Portrait" is a single by Belfast-based singer-songwriter Duke Special, released on 7 August 2006 on V2 Records and taken from the album Songs from the Deep Forest. It was released in two formats, a CD and a limited edition 10" vinyl record. B-sides include a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps".
a captured fragment of the soul, a gap in the unknown
a moment captured in time, an anecdotal comment of the subject portrayed
a moment frozen in time, an opportunity to capture the youth of a younger generation and the maturity of their elders
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a form of art
a timeless treasure
a timeless work of art
A picture of a person or persons that captures their likeness, especially their face. (See Portrait photography.)
A picture of a person, often used as a frontispiece in a book. Abbreviated port.
On the $10 note it is a picture of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Andrew Jackson is on the face of the $20 note, and the redesigned $50 note has a portrait of President Ulysses S. Grant.
Hence, any graphic or vivid delineation or description of a person; as, a portrait in words.
a likeness of a person, especially the face
an abstract geometric composition that looks curiously digital
a type subject matter for a work of art where the artist focuses on representing the likeness of an individual (examples: Jan van Eyck's "Arnolfini Wedding," Piero della Francesca's portraits of Battista Sforza and Federigo da Montefeltro or Leonardo's Mona Lisa).
an accurate portrayal of the subject's anatomic and physiognomic features conferring recognition to the observer
a photo that shows the subject's personality, mood, profession or surroundings
a monumental construction on many levels, and it tends to render some of the previous work as scale models or fragments in the pursuit of a life-long artistry in film
a fascinating and compelling window to our 'permanently changing' and amazingly diverse mosaic of peoples and cultures
a documentary portraying their participation in the creation and production of an off-Broadway theater piece that is also the story of their lives
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Oblong paper, having its short sides at head and foot.
An upright envelope where the long side of the window is parallel to the short side of the envelope.
an inseparable part of our emotional life, but it is also a part of our environment
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a lot of stress, and two is hell
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a gift that
a precious gift to offer at any important
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a likeness, so in that aspect yes
a record of certain aspects of a particular human being as seen by another
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a broadly defined term
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a good choice because natural flesh tones are so hard to reproduce well
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The image of a person as seen on a bank note.
a small image of your face
a crafted image to reveal character.
a lasting and original present for a special occasion or for the individual who has 'everything'
a special item that is not shown within the game world
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a perfect example of this
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To portray; to draw.
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a study of character in a visual form
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a window to the past