Definitions for "Portfolio"
A portable case for holding loose papers, prints, drawings, etc.
Set of shares and financial instruments held by a person or an organization.
A group of investments held across asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, gold) or within the same asset class (exposure to stocks across companies and industries).
generally a collection of an individual student's work in a class, presented to the faculty member for evaluation at points along the way or at the end of the class. Some portfolios include a synthesis paper that summarizes and distills the work and offers a self-evaluation.
a selected, usually chronological collection of a student's work that may be used to evaluate learning progress.
a systematic, organised collection of an educator's or a learner's work
A hinged cover or flexible case for carrying loose papers, or notebooks. Also see - BRIEFCASE A portfolio briefcase Made by - BORSA BELLA photo provided by substatic A portfolio briefcase Made by - COACH photo provided by substatic A portfolio briefcase Made by - ETIENNE AIGNER photo provided by substatic
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main promotional tool for models - select photos in a vinyl or leather casebook which show the model at his/her photogenic best and samples of their work (tearsheets).
Hence: The office and functions of a minister of state or member of the cabinet; as, to receive the portfolio of war; to resign the portfolio.
The specific policy responsibilities that a Minister oversees.
The term used to describe the responsibilities of a member of Cabinet. For example, the portfolio of the Minister of Finance includes responsibility for the Department of Finance and the annual budget.
Description of a board member's responsibilities.
The particular area of responsibility of a League board member.
a board member's particular area of responsibility such as Voters' Service, Membership, Finance Drive or Study Chairman. Position – league's point of view on a governmental issue. A position is determined through consensus, concurrence, or application of the League's principles and is reached through member agreement.
A pliable case, often made of thick cardboard and covered with leather or cloth, in which a set of pictures (as drawings or photographs) are presented, stored, and conserved.
The suite of conservation areas within an ecoregion selected to represent and conserve the conservation targets and their genetic and ecological variation.
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Refers to the broad areas of responsibility of a Deputy Vice-Chancellor or a Pro-Vice-Chancellor. These are set out in the Universityâ€(tm)s administrative organisation chart. (
In the terminology of RMIT University it is a group of major academic interests (Schools) under one administration. For example, the program in Scientific Photography is in the Portfolio of Science Engineering and Technology (SET), School of Applied Sciences, discipline area of Applied Physics.
All your written science coursework.
The risks assumed by a  primary insurer or  reinsurer  as totality or in a defined segment (e.g. line of business, country).
The totality of the business of an insurer or reinsurer / A segment of the business of an insurer or a reinsurer, e.g., fire insurance business is called the fire portfolio.
All of an insurer’s in-force policies and outstanding losses, respecting described segments of its business.
Teaching credential candidates must prepare a portfolio that includes projects and papers completed during the course of study that signify critical learning outcomes. The portfolio is submitted to the professor during the Curriculum course. Specific portfolio requirements are available in the Department of Education.
container of documents used to show mastery of certain knowledge and/or growth in learning
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Portfolio is the debut album by Grace Jones. It was released in 1977.
Flat, rectangular bag with a zipper top or envelope flap. Many have handles, some which recede into the bag.
Your portfolio is your calling card here at the Hollywood Stock Exchange. When you join HSX, you are given two million Hollywood Dollars for each market. Your portfolio is what you use to track your performance. It will keep track of what you own, what you paid for it, your net gain or loss, and more. As prices change all the time, be sure to check your portfolio as often as possible so you don't miss an opportunity to make some profit.
The different stocks owned in a trading account.
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See folio.
The prioritized set of all projects and programs in an organization.
A set of things that are developed and/or marketed in relationship to each other. It most often is applied to that group of projects currently active in a research laboratory, but may apply to all new projects underway.
something every good piercer has -- a book of pictures of piercings they've done. ask to see your piercers portfolio before they pierce you
A series of professional documents, which will contain- a cover letter, clinical narrative, letters of support, letter of endorsement and a resume.
A listing of prospects assigned to a particular fundraiser who then serves as the relationship manager.
Members create and manage a portfolio of athletes for each challenge that they join. The portfolio that increases the most during a challenge is the winner.
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The left-hand frame of the Tivoli Privacy Manager console that presents the tasks that can be performed.
To dream of a portfolio, denotes that your employment will not be to your liking, and you will seek a change in your location.
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The companies backed by a venture-capital firm. [go back to glossary list
Similar transactions, particularly in securities or derivatives, grouped together according to price risk criteria.
A group or package of income streams of the same type.
A selection of prints; a case used to carry a group of prints.
Portfolios contain the issues to which conditions are applied. A portfolio can be an individual issue or a list of specific issues.
A non-overlapping group of individually identified customers, managed by a portfolio manager, with similar needs and/or values. No customer will be in more than one portfolio.
The merchants who are under contract to a financial institution or processor for credit card processing services provided by that institution or processor.
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See life-experience portfolio.
A record of your accounts, their balances, and all open and closed positions.