Definitions for "portability"
The ability of an employee to retain benefits, such as a pension plan or insurance coverage, when switching employers.
In relation to superannuation, the ability to switch benefits from one fund to another, or from a superannuation fund into a rollover fund (eg. upon a change of employment).
An individual changing jobs would be guaranteed coverage with the new employer, without a waiting period or having to meet additional deductible requirements.
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An electronic storage medium that will run on equipment offered by multiple manufacturers and can be transferred from one medium to another.
The ability of a homeowner to take a mortgage with them to a new property when selling their home, thereby avoiding payout penalties, enjoying existing terms and interest rates for the remainder of the mortage. See
Generally occurs when a person transfers their existing loan to another property. Additional fees may apply if the loan size is increased.
This is a term used to describe the likelihood for code to work on more than one platform. The code may or may not require recompilation, depending on the context. For example, one might say that ANSI C code is highly portable, meaning that it is easy to recompile a program written in ANSI C for virtually any platform. On the other hand, saying that a Java program is portable would probably mean that it avoided proprietary method calls, libraries, and native methods, since the language itself is platform-independent.
A measure of system independence; portable programs can be moved to a new system by recompiling without having to make any other changes.
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Relating to or being software that can run on two or more kinds of computers or with two or more kinds of operating systems. Source:
The program will run on Win 95/98/XP and Red Hat Linux 9.
A property of a program that can run on more than one kind of computer.
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refers to the option available to all Section 8 participants who receive rental subsidy from one housing authority who are allowed to move to the jurisdiction of another housing authority and still retain their Section 8 Vouchers or Certificates (see below).
The option for the end user to retain its telephone number when switching tele operators. (Number portability).
Allows you to retain your policy after leaving your employer. COBRA provides a type of portability in that you can maintain your insurance for a limited period of time (typically 18 months) as long as you pay the premiums.
An attribute of certain student aid programs that allows an eligible student to receive funds from any eligible institution rather than one specific institution. Applies to Federal Pell Grant, as well as to some state scholarships that students may use at postsecondary institutions, including those located outside the state awarding the funds. Awards from most aid programs are not portable.
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portfolio manager PBGC
Defines network connectivity that can be easily established, used and then dismantled.
The degree to which a system, or a system's components, can be used in an operating environment different from that for which it was originally designed or developed without adversely affecting other quality characteristics. There are two types of portability - run time and compile time.
Extent to which a system can operate in multiple environments.
The quality or state of being portable; fitness to be carried.
the quality of being light enough to be carried
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Is the system pure browser-based or does it require the download of client software? Can a user access the system from a home computer? (Some “hosted systems” require download of special client software that may limit the portability of the application.)
Portable mortgage Possession
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See 'Number Portability'.
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See Number Portablilty.