Definitions for "Port"
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A place where ships may ride secure from storms; a sheltered inlet, bay, or cove; a harbor; a haven. Used also figuratively.
In law and commercial usage, a harbor where vessels are admitted to discharge and receive cargoes, from whence they depart and where they finish their voyages.
An opening in the side of a vessel; an embrasure through which cannon may be discharged; a porthole; also, the shutters which close such an opening.
A dark red or purple astringent wine made in Portugal. It contains a large percentage of alcohol.
A dark dessert winde from Portugal.
A fortified wine in which grape alcohol is added part way through fermentation. Roughly speaking, ports are either "tawny" or "ruby," and both types are ready to drink when bottled.
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A passageway; an opening or entrance to an inclosed place; a gate; a door; a portal.
Networked applications communicate among themselves via a combination of IP address and port number and specify the service to be called up on each target computer. Port 80, for instance, is normally used for HTTP and Ports 20 and 21 for FTP. A firewall can control data exchange of individual ports.
The external connector on a device.
An opening in a loudspeaker enclosure designed to improve sound quality.
An enclosure can either be ported or sealed. Ported enclosures have a tube or port that allows air to move in and out of the cabinet. Compared with sealed enclosures, ported enclosures are typically more efficient (that is, they need less power for a given volume) and play bass more loudly but may not play the deepest bass notes as well.
Opening in a loudspeaker cabinet that channels bass from inside the enclosure to outside the enclosure. Also called a "vent."
Montaigne sorcery allowing the user to teleport herself or small objects by ripping a bleeding hole through the very fabric of the universe.
This means to use your Teleport Scroll to teleport to a location now! Common usage: "PORT"
Short for teleport. Used as a noun and a verb.
To carry; to bear; to transport.
A port is a transport layer demultiplexing value. Each application has a unique port number associated with it. See also: Transmission Control Protocol, User Datagram Protocol.
A port is a transport layer demultiplexing value. Eachapplication has a unique port number associated with it. Seealso: Transmission Control Protocol, User Datagram Protocol. Portable
an internal or external terminus of a passage in a component.
The external or internal terminus of the valve on an air cylinder.
The area of the body through which external beam radiation is directed in order to reach a tumor.
An internal line inserted to a large vein leading into the heart which is surgically placed. In order to use the line (access) a needle is inserted through the skin into a reservoir that is placed under the skin usually in the chest.
A small disc with a soft center (about the size of a quarter) that is surgically placed just below the skin in the chest or abdomen. A tube coming out of the side is connected via a large vein directly into the bloodstream. By passing a needle through the skin into the disc, fluid, drugs or blood products can be given without worrying about finding an adequate vein.
A small plastic or metal container surgically placed under the skin and attached to a central venous catheter inside the body. Blood and fluids can enter the body through the port using a special needle.
umber A 16-bit integer appended to a message and passed between client and server transport layers.
High or low arc in mouthpiece centre of straight bar bit; the higher the port the greater the bit's severity.
Raised section in the center of the mouthpiece on some curb bits. The amount it is raised affects the severity of the bit (low ported bits being milder)
in the field of minimally invasive urologic surgery, a port is a small tube, about the diameter of a pencil, through which tiny cameras, and other instruments are placed inside a patient to perform surgery that had previously required large incisions.
A tiny (1-2 cm) incision, into which a cannula (hollow, rigid tube) is inserted to act as a conduit for an endoscope or minimally invasive surgical instruments, including da Vinci EndoWrist® instruments.
A passageway in a machine, through which a fluid, as steam, water, etc., may pass, as from a valve to the interior of the cylinder of a steam engine; an opening in a valve seat, or valve face.
An opening through which fluid passes.
An opening through which curlers try to shoot or draw.
Every telephone number in Australia is related to a particular telephone company. When you change your telephone company, you can take your telephone number with your by trans(port)ing the number with you. This service is available between Optus, Vodaphone, Telstra and Virgin, but is currently not available between VSP
To transfert a mobile number to another network, see also MNP.
On the Internet, port often refers to a number that is part of a URL, appearing after a colon (:) right after the domain name.
Term. Directory. Are what FreeBSD uses to make certain applications available for easy install. The port of a program has a makefile. That makefile grabs the application uncompresses it, compiles it and installs it. The ports are usually located in the directory /usr/ports. You want to install application lynx do the following: 1. Make sure you are root. non root users generally cannot install aplications. 2. cd to the directory where the port is located. cd /usr/ports/www/lynx 3. At the prompt type this command: make clean && make && make install && rehash That's it. application installed have a nice day. You can read more here.
portus (Latin)] A trading-place, not necessarily for water-borne trade, whose inhabitants were in O.E. portware or portmenn. Thus sometimes used as a synonym of "borough" or "town". Portmoot or portmanmoot remained a common name for a town court. By the thirteenth century the town councillors were sometimes called portmen (or chief portmen). (Reynolds, Susan. An Introduction to the History of English Medieval Towns, 199)
An alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape juice and served aboard a sailboat.
Concord grape juice with some lime zest added, cranberry juice with some lemon juice added, or grape juice concentrate. Substitute orange juice or apple juice for lighter ports.
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Port of Baltimore
An input or output location on the RCX.
An addressable wire or set of wires through which data may be input or output, either serially or in parallel.
Input Ports receive data, Output Ports send data somewhere else.
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A modified version of an app or game that allows it to run on a different system that it was not originaly designed for.
To port a game is to take it from its original system, modify its code, and art assets to be played on another system. Many games from EA like Tony Hawk are ported to multiple systems.
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An opening between two stones that is wide enough for another stone to pass through.
An opening between two stones that is just large enough to allow passage of another stone.
An opening between two or more rocks that is wide enough to allow a stone to pass through.
A heavily overloaded term which in Darwin has two particular meanings: (1) In Mach, a secure unidirectional channel for communication between tasks running on a single system; (2) In IP transport protocols, an integer identifier used to select a receiver for an incoming packet or to specify the sender of an outgoing packet.
a communication channel through which a client process communicates with a protected subsystem.
"Data Slot" used by programs on the internet to communicate with one another.
The end point or address Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a message.
A named location in a URL address. For Project Server, a port is defined by the location of a specific set of view pages on Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint™ Services for administration of the SharePoint Services site, such as port 5500 in the address http://ServerName/WSSProjectSite:5500.
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A martial piece of musc, adapted to the bagpipes.
To adapt an application for use with another operating system. Contrast with migrate.
The manner in which a person bears himself; deportment; carriage; bearing; demeanor; hence, manner or style of living; as, a proud port.
if you are in Queensland then it is probably a suitcase but of course it could just be something alcoholic to drink after coffee
a good drink to have
To translate source code to run on a different platform, or the results of performing such a translation. See also: source code transition.
To port something you translate the code for a program from one platform to another. You could port a program you wrote on a PC over to a Macintosh, for...
Aperture through which gases enter or leave.
The point at which phone lines enter or leave the bridging equipment. One port usually represents one phone line.
The point at which phone lines enters or leaves the bridging equipment. One port usually represents one phone line.
One of the seven key points of interest in the execution of a Prolog predicate. See Procedure Box for a definition.
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see JCS Publication 1-02.
The optical surface by which a housed camera or a lens sees an underwater image. Ports are manufactured out of glass or plastic, the latter being the most popular material. There are two kinds of ports: Flat ports, used for lenses with focal lengths longer than 35mm and dome ports (hemispherical) used with shorter focal length lenses.
In conferencing, the term port is equivalent to a line in the conference call (i.e. a 24 port call would allow for 23 participants and 1 chairperson)
An opening in the peripheral or side housing to admit the air-fuel mixture or release the combustion products.
The part of a central processing unit that can receive and send data to peripherals.
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the portion of the Lap-Band that is accessible under the skin for the injection or removal of saline.
An access point, usually on the rear panel of an instrument, that allows the user to tap into the signal chain, or to inject or retrieve information or control signals from the instrument.
Directions Powder Monkey People
Directions Preventer Rigging
A 2-position numeric identifier that identifies each CBP port of entry.
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(WebDB Tutorial Guide; search in this book)
A narrow hollow tube inserted into the body through which instruments are inserted to perform laparoscopy
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See "Star (topology)" (2)
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The hardware elements at each end of a link.
Hardware entity at each end of the link.
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A place from which goods are sent out of a country or received from abroad. The location of the customs usually determines the port.
A section on catheter through which medications are administered.
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Flow path.
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Well defined area mapped out for radiation.
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A conversion of a game from one format to another.
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Object from which data can be read or to which data can be written. File ports or string ports for example.
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Term refers to the place in an IV or tube that is used to put in medications or food
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Taking an existing mortgage with you and applying it to your new property when you move. This is done in place of applying for a new mortgage.