Definitions for "Pore volume"
a term used by the in situ leach mining industry to "describe the quantity of free water in the pores of a given volume of rock
the volume of porosity present within a gasket.
(1) the total volume of pore space in a given volume of rock or sediment. Pore volume usually relates to the volume of air or water that must be moved through contaminated material in order to flush the contaminants. (2) the volume of water (or air) that will completely fill all of the void space in a given volume of porous matrix. Pore volume is equivalent to the total porosity. The rate of decrease in the concentration of contaminants in a given volume of contaminated porous media is directly proportional to the number of pore volumes that can be exchanged (circulated) through the same given volume of porous media.
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The amount of total space taken up by pores, tiny holes in an object.