Definitions for "Poppet"
Keywords:  doll, voodoo, puppet, witch, ritual
See Puppet.
A magical doll made in order to cast spells in Witchcraft and Voodoo.
A small doll made of various substances used to represent a person in sympathetic Magick operations.
Keywords:  poppit
same as poppit.
a mushroom-shaped valve that rises perpendicular from its seat; commonly used in internal-combustion engines
Valve that rises perpendicularly to or from its seat
A component of a valve that seals or opens an internal passage across its full area to allow or prevent flow.
Keywords:  hon, honey
honey, hon'
One of certain upright timbers on the bilge ways, used to support a vessel in launching.
An upright support or guide fastened at the bottom only.
Keywords:  endearment, term
a term of endearment.
Keywords:  tail, fashioned, centre, old, drive
An old fashioned term for a drive centre and tail centre.