Definitions for "POP3 Email Accounts"
are standard email addresses that you can use with your domain name. For example, [email protected] These are not web-based email addresses, like Hotmail or Yahoo! mail, but standard email addresses that you can use with any email software, such as Outlook Express, MS Outlook, etc. If a host gives you 100 or so POP3 email addresses with a hosting account, you could provide an email address to each member of a small business or other organization.
With a POP3 email account you will be able to reach your mail through Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Pegasus or any other POP3 configured email program. Each POP3 email account allows you to have a unique e-mail address. (eg. [email protected]).
This is one of the most common email accounts. Basically, these email boxes allow the user to download their email to an email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Each pop3 email account is protected by a password. Unlike web based email, pop3 email is downloaded to the computer so you wouldn't have to be online to read your messages.