Definitions for "POP Accounts"
POP is short for Post Office Protocol. A POP account is an independent E-mail address, with a password.
In addition to mail forwarding, users have the option to retrieve e-mail directly from POP3 mailboxes on the mail server using an email program such as Eudora. Each of our plans includes a Master POP account which can receive all email and control the settings for any optional configurable POP accounts. Each of our plans also offers a specified number of configurable POP accounts. The additional POPs can be assigned unique ids and passwords to ensure privacy. You can also purchase additional POPs if needed. Included with all plans
POP Accounts are email boxes. Each POP account can receive email independently of other email accounts on your account. One or more email addresses can be assigned to each POP account. A mail client such as Netscape Mail or Outlook is used to collect email from POP accounts. One POP account is usually assigned to each different person. Mail Aliases are used to allocate multiple email addresses to each POP account.