Definitions for "PonG "
Keywords:  atari, ping, arcade, spawned, tennis
The first game invented that represents in some dimensions, table tennis.
The drinking game of choice in most Greek basements. Requires a plywood table, a pair of paddles, a ping pong ball and at least four cups of liquid beverages. Serves and returns must be lobbed, and it's bad form to boot too soon; there are several varieties involving different formations and numbers of drinks. The most common include two cup, shrub and tree.
a duplicate trackback ping
Keywords:  libglade, gconf, bonobo, gnome, widgets
PonG is a library and a GUI tool for creating GNOME dialog boxes from an XML description. The XML describes the widgets and the gconf keys to use, and PonG takes care of the rest. It can optionally use libglade and/or bonobo for the widgets as well.
Keywords:  adour, sic, evil
An evil adour [sic].
Keywords:  shan, opium, lao, thai, southeast
A standard unit of weight used in Southeast Asia for opium only. Equivalent to 0.375 kilograms (13.23 ounces). Thai-Shan-Lao term.
Keywords:  smell, unpleasant, powerful
an unpleasant smell
a powerful smell.
Keywords:  tiles, identical, three, set
a set of three identical tiles