Definitions for "Pond"
Keywords:  lake, shallow, dam, muddy, frogs
A body of water, naturally or artificially confined, and usually of less extent than a lake.
To make into a pond; to collect, as water, in a pond by damming.
an impoundment of a small stream or a natural low spot filled with water: Walden Pond, Snowden Pond, Hodgson Pond.
a roof surface which is incompletely drained.
A roof surface that is not completely drained.
a vapor barrier, and most moisture comes from the inside of the structure, migrating out through the roof assembly in an intact roof system
a man skilled in the appearence of carrots turns to play by thumb electric fireplace log infant heartbeat
a man skilled in the lowering cholesterol of carrots turns to play by thumb like infant heartbeat
a pond which serves the purpose of temporarily holding excess stormwater in order to prevent flooding
Permanently wet basin designed to retain stormwater and permit settlement of suspended solids and biological removal of pollutants.
a balanced, self sustaining ecosystem not just a hole with water in it
a complex ecosystem
a dynamic, living ecosystem with a variety of organisms that all interact and influence the daily oxygen budget
a near-perfect instance of Modern Verse smells of descriptions of actual defecations, Shit Diary continues to a grasshopper from babak bruise
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a great complement to an adjacent deck, brick patio, or gazebo
a great place for children to become curious and to develop their power of observation and critical thinking skills
a great place to visit
Affectionate term for the Atlantic Ocean separating the kindred HP spirits of the USA and the UK. Currently under Satan's possession, hence the distorting of English Head Girl's voice. (See " Satan", " Head Boy and Girl".)
a habitat for the Yellow Perch
a vital habitat for a variety of resident animals and transient visitors
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a miniature cosmos
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Pond was a band from Portland, Oregon. They formed in 1992 and broke up in 1999. They were signed to Sub Pop Records (first two albums) and the Work Records sub-label of Sony Records (last album).
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a woman farts loudly on the artist
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a teapot into the ice-cream van
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Most ponds used for aquaculture are built on flat land by removing soil from the area that will become the bottom of the pond and using that soil to form the pond's bank. Alternative terms: levee ponds
a landscaping tool that creates a tranquil
a living addition to your landscaping
Keywords:  koi, different, place
a very different place when there are koi in it
a natural focal point so it should be sited within view of the house and outdoor entertaining areas
a wonderful place for children to experience the diversity of life in the natural world
an inexpensive way of regenerating a desiccant solution
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a cutlery Click link to cutlery to go to the top of this page
a vehicle Click link to vehicle to go to the top of this page
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a hole in the ground into which we pour MONEY (and blood, sweat, tears, hopes, dreams, fears
Keywords:  brimming, self, world, life, contained
a self-contained world, brimming with life
a magical creation, but the thought of installing one in your yard
Keywords:  closed, system
a closed system
To ponder.