Definitions for "Polymorphism"
Same as Pleomorphism.
The capability of assuming different forms; the capability of widely varying in form.
Existence in many forms; the coexistence, in the same locality, of two or more distinct forms independent of sex, not connected by intermediate gradations, but produced from common parents.
A characteristic of object-oriented programming that allows overloaded member functions to be invoked on the basis of the run-time type of the object, not the declared type of the object.
An object-oriented design technique that allows two or more classes to respond to the same method call, each in its own way. See also encapsulation and information hiding.
The capability of an operation to accept arguments of different or unknown types. Parametric polymorphism executes the same operation on different types. Overloading polymorphism selects appropriate operations according to the type.
(chemistry) the existence of different kinds of crystal of the same chemical compound
The ability of a chemical compound to exists as two or more forms. For example, calcite and aragonite.
the ability of a solid material to exist in more than one form or crystal structure.
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a protective factor, for CML in this study group
When malicious software changes its underlying code to avoid detection.
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See C++ glossary.