Definitions for "Polymerase"
Keywords:  catalyze, enzyme, subunit, rna, nucleic
An enzyme that is capable of synthesizing new strands of DNA from a single stranded template and free deoxynucleotides under appropriate reaction conditions. During PCR, Roche uses Taq DNA polymerase to make DNA amplicon using the DNA strand as a template. Roche uses rTth DNA polymerase to perform reverse transcription (synthesizing cDNA from RNA) and which then through PCR produces DNA amplicon.
Any enzyme that catalyzes the formation of DNA or RNA from deoxyribonucleotides or ribonucleotides.
A enzyme or ribozyme that makes a polymer out of monomers. For example, RNA polymerase makes RNA out of single nucleotides.
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a phosphoprotein
an imported nucleus coded protein
a three-dimensional molecular machine composed of a dozen different small proteins
a transmembrane protein with amino-terminal sequences sufficient for mitochondrial localization and membrane insertion
Keywords:  multistep, process
a multistep process
an essential component of a self-enforcing loop coupling heterochromatin assembly to siRNA production
a common target for many antibiotics
a prime target of antiviral therapies because it is essential for viral replication
a source of mutational diversity and a target for drug design
a key parameter for the successful cloning of intact ORFs
an assemblage of ten to twelve different polypeptides
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a motor intrinsically
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a high-quality
a product of this manufacturing process