Definitions for "Polygons"
Keywords:  wireframe, gis, wetland, map, smallest
An ordered set of vertices connected by sides: these can be dynamically created and texture - mapped using various sources of image data. Various hardware platforms support different texturing methods and quantities. Rendering is performed in either wireframe, smooth-shaded or textured modes.
Irregular, many-sided shapes, in this case representing the smallest relatively uniform wetland area drawn on on a computer map. A single wetland is usually not uniform, and can be broken into many uniform areas; on a computer map (Geographic Information System or GIS) these uniform areas are referred to as polygons.
are closed arrangements of lines that make two-dimensional forms, such as squares and octagons. Polygons are two-dimensional, but they are the building blocks from which all three-dimensional objects are made. For example, a cube is made of six square polygons. Polygon comes from the Greek, meaning "many angles."
Small individual shapes that fit together to form complex 3-D objects. Detailed 3D objects are composed of thousands of polygons.
Spatial features that are areas or zones enclosed by precisely defined boundaries. The boundaries of a polygon are formed from one or more lines.
A straight-line representation sometimes used to express typefaces in outline form.