Definitions for "Polyethylene"
is a type of plastic used to make outer jackets for cables.
Plastic material from which recreational white water canoes and kayaks are often constructed.
A resin made from ethylene gas which produces tough transparent film.
Synthetic fiber with a very good tensile strength. In some cases it is substituted for Kevlar®. The common trade name is Spectra®.
Promotional banner material. Suitable for short-term outdoor use. Polyethylene material will be referred to as Poly throughout this catalog.
Synthetic material used to make some midsoles and innersoles.
Polyethylene is a project that tries to break the web programming model that is, in essence, stateless, transforming it to a natural event-driving paradigm.
A floating polyolefin fiber similar to polypropylene, but a little heavier and not quite as strong.
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suspected human carcinogen.
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An additive to wax that hardens wax and adds sheen when the wax is cast in a smooth surfaced mold.
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