Definitions for "Polyester"
A synthetic fiber that features quick drying time, high strength, abrasion resistance, and crease resistance; frequently blended with cotton, rayon, or other synthetics.
A synthetic resin used in thread making. It can be in either staple or filament form.
Any of several polymeric resins formed chiefly by condensing polyhydric alcohol's with dibasic acids. Fibers formed are woven.
can cause eye and respitory-tract irritation and accute dermititis.
is the material used for the canopy of most inflatable kites ..ripstop polyester of about 50 gram weight.
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A type of capacitor. See Greencap.
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A very high-solids-content coating consisting of two components that require special care in handling and spraying. Leaves a deep, wet-looking, clear or colored finish. Limited repairability.
In finishing, a very high-solids content plastic coating, leaving a deep wet look.
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a small caterpiller-like worm, about two inches long
Polyester is a product of Japan, USA, Australia and the UK. The material has very low water absorbency, temperature distortion is 150 degrees Celsius and the recommended maximum temperature for continuous use is 130 degrees Celsius.
Material used as substrate in supported vinyls.