Definitions for "Pollinator"
Keywords:  pollen, anther, bees, stigma, flies
The agent transferring the pollen; bees, flies or wind.
An animal that transfers pollen from one flower to another usually in the process of eating nectar and/or pollen.
the agent of pollen transfer, usually bees. Synonyms: pollenate, cross-pollinate. The most recognized pollinators are: bees, which are plainly adapted to pollination. bumblebees (also known as the pollen basket Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) also pollinate. Wasps, bombyliid flies and syrphid flies are important. Beetles, and even thrips or ants can sometimes pollinate self fertile flowers. Blue bottle or carrion flies are important for some flowers, usually ones that exude a fetid odor. Bats are important pollinators of some tropical flowers. Birds, particularly hummingbirds Even humans can be pollinators, as many gardeners have discovered that they must hand pollinate.
a friend, loyal customer and design loving shopper that sprinkles and dusts the magic of Modernseed around town
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an animal that causes plants to make fruit or seeds