Definitions for "Pollard"
Keywords:  bushy, trunk, stump, foliage, tree
A tree having its top cut off at some height above the ground, that may throw out branches.
To lop the tops of, as trees; to poll; as, to pollard willows.
To cut a tree 2.5-4m above the ground to produce a close rounded head of young branches.
Keywords:  bran, small
Small Bran
Keywords:  stag, antlers, cast
A stag that has cast its antlers.
Keywords:  chub, fish
A fish, the chub.
Keywords:  hornless, cow, horns, sheep, shed
A hornless animal (cow or sheep).
a usually horned animal that as either shed its horns or had them removed
Keywords:  counterfeit, clipped, coin
A clipped coin; also, a counterfeit.