Definitions for "Political party"
An organization that seeks to gain control of government by organizing people who share the same views on issues and by running candidates for public office.
A gift to a political party qualifies for exemption from inheritance tax if at the last general election preceding the transfer either two members of the party were elected to the House of Commons, or one member of the party was so elected and not less than 150,000 votes were given to candidates who were members of that party.
An organization that has as a primary purpose the fielding of candidates for election to the Legislative Assembly.
a caucus taken from the whole of the voting population
a much harder sell, because it must address a whole beehive of needs in a complex, huge and very often irrational, market
an assembly of people with the same basic opinions on how to run a country
an elegant incognito, designed to save people from the vexation of having to think for themselves
a collection of individuals who have come together to advance shared political viewpoints
a machinery for the creation of collective passion
a completely different term for an American than for a Puerto Rican
a community of people where individuals agree on many vital questions and feel they have a basic common view on the society
a kind of society, a political kind of society
Group of individual united by common political and economic beliefs about society which interacts with communities, interest groups and individuals.
a voluntary association, and as such has the inherent power to prescribe the qualifications of its members
a voluntary association, instituted for political purposes
a fellowship of individuals who possess similar political principles and values
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a living thing
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an outside body
a mechanical structure created to further a cause