Definitions for "Policies"
General statements of objectives that property management companies use in their standard operating procedure manuals. Designed to remain unchanged for a long period of time.
general statements of principles that guide government administration in the management of public affairs. They normally do not have the force of law. Policies include statements on how a government authority is to achieve its goals and objectives with regard to a specific subject area or class of subject areas, e.g., a policy for the process and recording of determinations.
A written statement, approved by the library board, stating the library's official position on an issue. Two fundamental library policies are materials selection and circulation.
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assurance statements that guarantee certain procedures will routinely be followed by staff as related to early intervention and special education programs. The rules that a state or local school system has for providing services for and educating students with special needs.
plans, rules (singular form is policy) back
State statutes, regulations, governor's orders, directives by the lead agency or other written documents which represents the state's position concerning any legal mandate (including IDEA - Part B & C.)(by it, children, with them, work to be performed) (with it, rules/laws/policies)
Woodland around mansions in Scotland.
the purposeful intentions of government
Procedures developed and implemented by government(s) regarding the goal of mitigating climate change through the use of technologies and measures.
Government commitments to follow particular courses of action in pursuit of approved objectives, which may or may not be codified as law or may provide further elaboration on the application of law. close window
Authentication Manager, using the selected authentication modules, decides what tokens are valid and which users have access.
Conditions set by the system administrator, such as how quickly account passwords expire and how many unsuccessful logon attempts are allowed before a user is locked out. These policies manage accounts to prevent exhaustive or random password attacks.
Policies provide configuration information so that components can be executed in their environment. The Developing Components trail discusses how to create and use policies. In most cases, an executable component to be run on Container Services will be using the Installable Component Descriptor Policy as their default policy. But it is possible to create a unique policy for a user defined interface. The default policy, Installable Component Descriptor Policy, is discussed in the Packaging section of the Developing Components trail.
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These are the ideas and proposals that the different parties have for changing things that they don't like, or improving things they are in favour of.
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Practices which are required of Girl Scouts by the National Council or the local council.
Formal policy directives adopted by the Board of Directors that provide the basis for the foundation's activities and management. Such policies include investment, grant making, financial reporting, conflict of interest, etc.
Documents describing the way business is conducted at the Association, State or Branch level. May be changed by the corresponding board.
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an important first step