Definitions for "Polarisation"
Restricting the vibrations of waves, particularly light, to move in one direction, along one plane.
The direction of the electric field in the lightwave.
Direction of an electrical or magnetical field in the light in relation with an external axis. Most light sources produce unpolarised light.
Concept introduced by the financial services regulations whereby it is mandatory for financial advisers to be either independent or tied to one company; they cannot be both simultaneously.
The requirement for a financial adviser to be either 'tied' to one financial product provider, or completely independent. A provision of the Financial Services Act.
The requirement that financial advisers selling packaged products in the United Kingdom should either be independent financial advisers, offering advice on all the products available in the market, or tied agents, offering advice on the products of only one company.
The modular connector mechanical form factor.
The orientation of the radio signal from an aerial. Both ends of a link should use the same polarisation. See Aerials, Connectors and Cables.
The arrangement of mating connectors such that the connectors can be mated in only one orientation.
Division of insurance intermediaries into two categories - those placing business for one company only, and those free to place business with any insurer - without intermediate categories.
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the condition of having or giving polarity