Definitions for "Poke"
A large North American herb of the genus Phytolacca (Phytolacca decandra), bearing dark purple juicy berries; -- called also garget, pigeon berry, pocan, and pokeweed. The root and berries have emetic and purgative properties, and are used in medicine. The young shoots are sometimes eaten as a substitute for asparagus, and the berries are said to be used in Europe to color wine.
(poh-kay)...(n.)...various recipes for raw fresh fish or seafood chopped in cubes and spiced with furukake, shoyu, and other preparations...eaten raw...considered a delicacy...
chopped pickled raw fish and seafood, tossed with herbs and seasonings
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A bag; a sack; a pocket.
A bag, sack, wallet or purse; money, the total amount in one's possession.
A paper bag.
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To thrust or push against or into with anything pointed; hence, to stir up; to excite; as, to poke a fire.
To thrust with the horns; to gore.
The act of poking; a thrust; a jog; as, a poke in the ribs.
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Meaning 1.To prod or point.-Dinnae poke yer finger at me pal. 2.A short version of pokey-hat(ice cream cone) 3.A loose woman.- She's a right poke that yin. 4.The sexual act- Ah'd love tae poke that big blonde yin so a wid.
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Poke is a two-player multi-genre card game invented by Sid Sackson and discussed in his book A Gamut of Games. It combines strong elements of Poker with trick-taking games like Bourré or Spades, and adds scoring reminiscent of Bridge.
A contrivance to prevent an animal from leaping or breaking through fences. It consists of a yoke with a pole inserted, pointed forward.
To carry the neck stretched forward in an abnormally low, ungainly position, usually when moving.
neck carried low and outwards when gaiting
A lazy person; a dawdler; also, a stupid or uninteresting person.
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To store byte into an absolute memory location. PEEK (Read a byte from memory) and POKE commands are often found in programming languages, such as BASIC, that do not normally allow access to specific memory locations.
to place information directly into a specific location in memory.
The name of the SPECTRUM BASIC command which alters a VALUE of the SPECTRUM's memory. In most games, you never actually type the command POKE in, but it still gets called the same thing. The POKE is made up of 2 sections - The ADDRESS, and the VALUE. The 2 sections are traditionally displayed seperated by a comma (eg 45678,123)
search or inquire in a meddlesome way; "This guy is always nosing around the office"
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To search; to feel one's way, as in the dark; to grope; as, to poke about.
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a cage in which you can not see the pig
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Slang for sexual intercourse.
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A long, wide sleeve; -- called also poke sleeve.
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make a hole by poking
a word used to describe someone stimulating a woman's genitals with their hand
To put a poke on; as, to poke an ox.