Definitions for "Pointing"
The act of filling and finishing the joints in masonry with mortar, cement, etc.; also, the material so used.
To point is to fill in the joints of brickwork with mortar. A process carried out while laying the bricks or at a later stage.
The surface mortar between brickwork to a depth of approximately 19mm with one of several profiles.
going in a direction as upwind as possible. A kite that points well is one that goes upwind at a better angle than others (more directly into the wind).
Sailing a tight angle upwind, an angle that is a few degrees higher than close-hauled. Depending on a yacht's design, some will "point higher" or sail more directly into the wind and thus sail a shorter course to a given mark on the racecourse.
This is one of several terms that refer to the ability of a sailboat to go upwind - toward the source of the wind. When the sails are close hauled and the boat is traveling efficiently at an angle of about 45 degrees to the source of the wind, the boat is said to be "pointing." Old sailing ships using square sails were not as good at "pointing" as newer ships using modern rigs.
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the direction in the sky to which the telescope is pointed. Pointing also describes how accurately a telescope can be pointed toward a particular direction in the sky. For example, the pointing of the BIMA antennas can be affected by strong winds which cause the antennas to move about slightly. (See also text in SpecObsTech.)
Refers to orienting the spacecraft or its instrument such as a telescope, camera ,or a sensor towards a specific target or coordinates.
Positioning of spacecraft (i.e. telescope/instrument) towards the required sky position.
The act or process of measuring, at the various distances from the surface of a block of marble, the surface of a future piece of statuary; also, a process used in cutting the statue from the artist's model.
used for the indirect method of carving: transposes strategic measurements on the surface of sculpture to reproduce, enlarge or reduce it. A pointing machine has adjustable metal arms which mechanically transfer and/or adjust measurements from all over the surface of a model to block of wood or stone. Rodin used this method: enables skilled workers to carve replicas of a sculptor's original handmade sculpture. See also Stonecarver
The pointing of the Psalms to be sung during Moravia is invariably wrong to a greater or lesser extent. The corrected versions are dictated (Usually by Philip of the Drews) in the following form - He sent out his barline arrows dot and barline scattered them,' He cast forth barline lightnings barline and des barline troyed them Attempts to sing a barline instead of just observing it have always ended in confusion and embarrassment.
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Reducing wire size by stretching 0] mechanical means to "point" the wire into the next smaller die size
Pressing the bullet (with the core exposed) into the pointing die and pressing the jacket over the lead core. The forms the bullets Hollow Point. The HP diameter is determined by how far the bullet is pressed into the pointing die.
The reduction of the diameter of ends of tubes, rod, or wire in order that they may be started through the drawing die. The cutting of a taper point on wire to be made into wood screws and similar products.
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See Tuck Pointing
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the aiming of a cannon.
See Tuckpointing. Home Improvement Encyclopedia
In 1770 the three lines on the back of the glove evolved from previous embroidered looks into a construction and fit feature called pointing
The act of sharpening.
The act of designating, as a position or direction, by means of something pointed, as a finger or a rod.
The act or art of punctuating; punctuation.
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A kind of near plait with which ropes are sometimes ended off or decorated.
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The rubbing off of the point of the wheat grain in the first process of high milling.
A Domain has several levels within the Zone file. For example: it has MX & A records. Each of these records can be pointed separately.