Definitions for "Pointed"
Keywords:  darker, tail, paws, muzzle, ears
A coat pattern featuring a light-colored torso marked with darker shades at the body's extremities (ears, muzzle, paws, and tail).
A coat pattern consisting of a solid colour on the body and a darker colour on the ears, tail, face and legs.
A coat pattern characterized by a solid body color with darker coloring on the face, ears, legs and tail.
Sharp; having a sharp point; as, a pointed rock.
Characterized by sharpness, directness, or pithiness of expression; terse; epigrammatic; especially, directed to a particular person or thing.
direct and obvious in meaning or reference; often unpleasant; "a pointed critique"; "a pointed allusion to what was going on"; "another pointed look in their direction"
Keywords:  spades, diamonds
spades or diamonds.
Leaf type. Describes an African Violet leaf which is pointed at the end. Variations of a pointed leaf include heart-shaped and longifolia.
A waistline whose front comes to a downward point in the center.