Definitions for "Point Of View"
The perspective from which the story is told.
the way in which an author reveals his or her voice, as in characters, events, and ideas in telling a story. Note: With an all-knowing point of view, an author writes as an omniscient narrator, seeing all, hearing all, knowing all. With a limited point of view, a story may be told through one narrator who knows only what he or she sees, hears, feels, or is told. Although this term is usually restricted to fiction, it may be applied to nonfiction when discussing the relative subjectivity or objectivity of a text.
View of a roller coaster from the rider's perspective.
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The position from which an action or subject is seen, often determining its significance.
the spatial property of the position from which something is observed
a great place to relax and enjoy the majestic scenery of the Smoky Mountains
The point representing the location of the observer, and from which the painter draws or paints.
bias of an information source, identified to better evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of the information
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the angle from which a photograph is taken
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an opinion based on facts
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a thought, not an action