Definitions for "Point of Origin"
Point of origin is a location where the commodity is packed or stored prior to shipment. This may be at the field for commodities such as lettuce and table grapes, or at the packing house for commodities such as citrus.
The location where a shipment first starts out.
the terminal which picks up freight from a shipper.
Point of Origin is debut album by the Florida based hard rock/post-grunge music group Allele. The line-up of this album features former guitarist Kelly Hayes and original vocalist Wally Wood. The album was produced by Ben Schigel, vocalist for the Ohio nu metal music group Switched.
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the source, or beginning of any movement. The natural position of your body and natural weapon at the time action begins. See also: Economy of Motion.
The precise location where a competent ignition source came into contact with the material first ignited and sustained combustion occurred. see also: Area of Origin
The exact physical location where a heat source and a fuel come in contact with each other and a fire begins.
The point on the transducer from which all forces and torques are measured.
A point from which other dimensions are taken. See also construction hole.