Definitions for "POD"
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The name for a group of whales that travel together.
Group pof animals, normally referring to toothed cetaceans.
a large group of matrilines travelling together
a dry, indehiscent ( q.v.) fruit
Term used to refer to the seedpod or capsule.
Developed ovary or fruit.
proof of deposit. a bank procedure to assign availability to checks in the ACH system based on endpoints and time of deposit
see gauge pod or pillar pod port porting power band power braking power module power steering pump pressure plate progressive rate spring race gas rack-and-pinion steering Rampage reaction time redline"Relentless" Reliant resonator restrictor retard
Port of Departure. Port at which shipment will exit origin country.
take something out of its shell or pod; "pod peas or beans"
Middle area of the bobsleigh where the brakeman and push athletes sit.
The shell attached to the bottom of the racing sled on which the slider sits.
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Pod is the debut album by the Breeders. It was released in 1990. It has also been credited by Nirvana's Kurt Cobain as being one of the most influential albums of his life.
Pod, released May 4, 2004 by Real World Records, is essentially a remix album by Afro Celt Sound System of their first three albums, Volume 1: Sound Magic, Volume 2: Release, and Volume 3: Further in Time, done by members of the band and new artists as well, including some songs previously unavailable. It is also accompanied by a DVD of some music videos and some clips of their live tour.
"POD" is a single from comedy-rock duo Tenacious D's second studio album, The Pick of Destiny, which also serves as the soundtrack for the movie Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny, with POD standing, naturally, for "Pick Of Destiny".
A technique that allows an enterprise to print a quantity of documents electronically as needed. Typically, the documents are forms, brochures, booklets or similar documents that formerly had to be printed in large quantities in advance, and stored in a warehouse.
A method of book publishing using new printing technology to print books one at a time, as they are ordered.
Printing, usually from a digital file to a digital printer, only when the object is needed and in the quantity required. Advantages: minimizes up front costs and waste; it's fast and easy to keep up to date; and it is ideal for variable data applications. Disadvantage: Higher unit costs.
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otential rgan onor..
see United States Post Office Department.
Permission of Department.
"Post Orgasmic Depression". The overwhelming regret felt immediately after you blow your load with a chick you really didn't want to fuck in the first place.
Either a mount for gauges, or an aftermarket airfilter that replaces the factory airbox filter.
Used to carry extra paint onto the field, usually held in a harness.
fully-enclosed soaring harness.
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Pious and Overly-Devotional
Container for equipment carried outside aircraft.
smoothly-shaped section shaped to contain an aircraft part, typically an engine, guns, electronic equipment, and cameras
Aircraft designed to carry between two to six passengers. Marketing acronym: Personal optimum drive.
The station of the weapons specialist, a gunnery position, present in the Liandra
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point of derailment
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A specific type of craft , also called an “Item Pod,” which will periodically appear in some shmups, carrying items which, in most cases, it releases after being shot. In some cases a pod cannot harm the player's craft, while in other games it can shoot at it and/or crash into it just like any other enemy. Can also refer to certain types of options, such as the “Force Pod” in R-Type. In some shmups, some collectable items themselves are referred to as “pods,” although their function is essentially no different from “items” found in other shmups.
Payable on Death. An arrangement whereby a depositor elects that a sum of money or account be payable to named individuals on death; similar to a beneficiary arrangement.
Pay on Death. Designation is the naming of a beneficiary to receive an account balance on a party's death.
Point Of Deployment - a PCMCIA-like card that can be inserted in a slot on devices with built-in cable tuners. Some features include conditional access of non-interactive services like expanded basic and premium subscription channels
Podium, 350 Victoria Street (area connecting Jorgenson Hall to the Library building)
A short streamlined fuselage fitted with a boom to support the tail surfaces.
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See posterior ocellar line
POD, Platform On Device: Allows users to have their programs on a removable device and run them from any pcs and OS. Some features: Modules classification; Messages brokering; Wrappers for dinamically install external applications as new modules.
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A folding stand on which carp rods are placed usually having bite alarms on the front of the stand and normal rod rests at the rear. Prevents having to drive bank sticks into hard ground and is very stable.
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A pre-packed, pre-tamped portion of ground coffee
a detachable container of fuel on an airplane
packet of disconnect. An access_reject packet sent from a RADIUS server to the gateway in order to disconnect a call which has been connected already. After validation of the packet, the gateway disconnects the user. The packet contains the information to disconnect the call.
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A bag; a pouch.
a term used to describe the body segments of an infomercial preceding and following a call to action. There are generally three pods per infomercial, each about 6 to 8 minutes in length.
Pay on departure – A method of payment that requires all outstanding accounts to be settled before leaving the venue.
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A term used to describe the amount of time since a surgery was done. For example, "postop day number one" is the first day after a surgery.
A propeller system that can rotate 360 degrees. Some modern cruise vessels have pods.
2 or 3 jumpers connected to form an additional section on the outside of a maneuver, on the legs of a person in the base formation
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The part of a modular firing system which holds the cartridge. See above: cartridge, firing box.
Modified leaf that protects an inflorescence or emerging leaves.
A hydraulically operated construction that extends outwards from the side or sides of the display vehicle. Can increase the size of a vehicle by 50% to 100%.
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Amp emulator/effects box from Line 6
Keywords:  precise, orbit, determination
Precise Orbit Determination ¸–§‹O“¹Œˆ'
A considerable number of animals closely clustered together; -- said of seals.
Keywords:  swell, fill, produce
To swell; to fill; also, to produce pods.
Plan of Development - Suggest an Addition | - Suggest an Addition
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produce pods, of plants
Plant of Development
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See printer object database.