Definitions for "poc "
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p0oint of contact
Points of Connection. also known as a Switch Connections ie where an operator's network interconnects with BT usually at a Digital Main Switching Unit (DMSU) or Wide Area Tandem (WAT). Points of connection with BT in the context of Oftel's Direction of BT's NTS Conveyance refer only to switch connections carrying NTS calls where the links were ordered by the operator and agreed with BT according to forecasts of capacity requirements provided by the operator. The operator will also have paid any appropriate charges. Circuits provided by BT for its own network management purposes, referred to as NTS Extension Circuits (NTSECs), do not qualify as they are not a BT standard interconnection product. These are distinct from Interconnection Extension Circuits (IECs) which are a BT Standard Service.
Proof of Correction
Products of Conception. Tissues resulting from a pregnancy, such as the embryo/fetus and placenta. The term is often found on pathology reports where miscarriages are analyzed.
Proof of Claim. A written statement filed with the receiver on a form approved by the receivership court by a claimant (including guaranty associations) stating amounts claimed against the assets of the receivership estate.  [Statutory reference art. 21.28, Sec.3(c)(5)
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poc is an MP3 and OGG streamer that supports the HTTP , RTP , and FEC protocols. It can handle VBR streams, and comes with server and client programs that can all be used from the command line.
gTLD-MoU Policy Oversight Committee
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ostcard omment. See: loc.
Abbreviation for particulate organic carbon.
an abbreviation for articulate rganic arbon
Abbreviation for "pencil on cover."
In Waterman's numbering system, a suffix denoting a screw-cap eyedropper
Proceeds of Crime Summary Recovery of the Proceeds of Crime The recovery of the proceeds of crime is a complex and difficult task involving the Commonwealth in relationships with State and overseas law enforcement bodies; the application of a range of different laws with different objectives, benefits and problems; and a need to respect the civil rights of those suspected of serious crime. The law enforcement agencies audited have as their first responsibility the apprehension and conviction of serious offenders. The attack on the financial base of crime is part of the overall strategy to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement within the Commonwealth's sphere of influence and the various proceeds recovery mechanisms form part of that strategy.
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Any charge that is paid outside the loan closing.
Paid out of Closing.
(Paid Outside of Closing) Advance Fees, such as they are called, are typically paid at or as part of the application process. (See Advance Fees)
a person imprisoned for the peaceful exercise of their beliefs) Ensure fair and prompt trials
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Purchase of [Child] Care, a State subsidy program. See also WPA.
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POP Prepaid
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Payload Operations Center
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Play Of Color, the changing colors seen when turning a precious opal.
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Products of Combustion
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Push to Talk over Cellular
Portable Oxygen Concentrators
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Slang for Page of Cool.
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Project Office