Definitions for "POB"
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Point of Banking. The utilization of STAR Cards for POB Transactions at clerk operated devices.
Point of balance. The closer the POB is to the hilt, the lighter and more well-balanced a sword will feel in the hand.
See Point of Beginning.
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Pob, real name Paul Brogden, is an electronic music producer. He has performed remixes for artists such as Sasha and Slacker as well as releasing many singles of his own on Platipus Records including the singles "Waah!" and "The Essence", both of which were featured on his album Essence.
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Persons on Board (i.e. crew count)
Public Oversight Board. The POB is an independent oversight board, composed of public members, which monitors and evaluates peer reviews conducted by the SEC Practice Section (SECPS) of the AICPA's Division for CPA Firms as well as other activities of the SECPS.
Persons On Board. Pilot On Board.
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Plane of Bend. Is referred as the rotation from a neutral axis. It is specifically used for changes of plane in successive bends.
a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for
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