Definitions for "PNC"
see Plate Number Coil.
Plate Number Coils. For most coil stamp rolls beginning with 1891, a small plate number appears at varying intervals in the roll in the design of the stamp.
Philatellic Numismatic Cover. An envelope or postcard with an elongate attached and a relevant stamp or other artwork.
Palestinian National Council. The 638-member legislative branch of the PLO, composed of elected and appointed members of the various PLO and Palestinian factions worldwide.
Popular National Congress party
Police National Computer
PNC is the stage name for popular New Zealand rapper Sam Hansen. PNC is an acronym for Palmerston North City, the place where he was born. PNC (aka Sam Hansen) is todays most talked about up & coming artist in Aotearoa Hip-hop.
POTENTIAL NATURAL COMMUNITIES. The stable biotic community that would become established on an ecological site if all successional stages were completed without human interference under present environmental conditions.
(Pulse Noise Canceller) Cuts out interference noise and distortion caused by nearby vehicle's ignitions systems.
Personal Network Card. A PNC is a Compact Flash-Card that is compatible with bluetooth for PocketPCs.
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Placer Nature Center
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Personal Network Connection, or a SLIP/PPP connection. Rarely used do to high overhead via resources.
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