Definitions for "pmt "
Photomultiplier tube. Forms part of the Sondex PGR tool which measures incident gamma radiation.
Photo Multiplier Tube. The light sensing devices generally used in drum scanners.
Photo Multiplier Tube. A device that captures light and transforms it into a digital signal. Its use in the PACS context is in digitisers and CR readers. See Digitiser and Computed Radiography (CR).
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Pacemaker Mediated Tachycardia. A reentrant arrhythmia in which the dual chamber pacemaker acts as the anterograde limb of the tachycardia and the natural conduction path as the retrograde limb. A rapid paced rhythm that can occur with atrial tracking pacemakers. It begins with the loss of A-V synchrony and is sustained by ventricular events that are conducted retrogradely to the atria. The pacemaker senses this retrograde atrial depolarization and then delivers a stimulus to the ventricle. Also known as endless less loop tachycardia. Other examples include tracking atrial fibrillation or flutter
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DVB/ MPEG-2 PSI table that is referenced from the PAT and identifies components and features for each program.
Program Map Table. This is an MPEG-2 entity that contains all of the PIDs that make up a program.
This stands for payment. This is a TAC (Transaction Accounting Code) used in the Cash Posting program.
This team, composed of the President's Council and the CIO Coordinating Council, prioritizes technology projects. It also reviews any changes to projects that will drastically affect schedule, scope, or resources.
Program Management Team
Project Management Team.
Physical Management Training – curriculum endorsed by DMR to help staff respond appropriately and safely with behavioral issues and give staff the skills they need to proactively redirect violent behavior. This training can only be given by a certified PMT instructor and is required for all direct care staff and a number of front line managers.
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Poor Man's Telnet is a line-based telnet client implemented entirely in Bash.
Poor Man's Triple. The feat of hitting three singles of the same number
Photomechanical transfer.
positive prints acquired from the camera - used in paste-up.
Black print contact sheet made from negative film.
Camera-generated positive prints used for pasteup and for making paper contacts without the need for a negative; also called Contact Print or T-Print. to top
Premenstrual Tension. These are symptoms arising from hormonal changes, normally occurring a week before menstrual bleed. They can include irritability, tearfulness and mood swings.
Perfect Market Theory, Assumption that prices automatically find their correct level.
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Pre-determined Motion-Time systems