Definitions for "PMSA"
Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area. A component area of a consolidated metropolitan statistical area (CMSA). Any metropolitan area having more than one million persons may be divided in to subareas called primary metropolitan statistical areas (PSMAs) based on criteria established by the Office of Management and Budget. PMSAs consist of a large urbanized county or cluster of counties that demonstrates very strong internal economic and social links, in addition to close ties to other portions of the larger area. In New England, PMSAs are composed of cities and towns rather than whole counties. ( American Travel Survey )
The Seattle-Bellevue-Everett PMSA, also referred to as Seattle Metro, includes King, Snohomish and Island counties as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau. Superceded by Metropolitan Division.
"Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area" --- one sub-component area of a CMSA. Washington, for example, is one PMSA of the Washington-Baltimore CMSA. See the Post market book.
Pacific Merchant Shipping Association