Definitions for "pms"
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PMS is a searchable music database manager written in C++ and ncurses. The project goal is to create a program much like Foobar2000 for Windows. PMS is capable of creating playlists, rating songs, reading tags, and much more.
PMS is designed to provide the same basic features as procmail , it provides a more "basic" approach to this task. The config file is more human readable, and does not provide as many advanced features as procmail does, which helps to keep simple tasks simple.
Pantone Matching System. The most widely used system for specifying and blending match colours. The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM identifies more than 700 colours. It provides designers with swatches for specific colours, and gives printers the recipes for making those colours. Neither a commercial printer nor an ink manufacture developed PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, leaving the choice of ink brand up to the printer.
Physical pain or emotional difficulties that a woman might have up to two weeks before she has a period. This could be things like cramps, sore breasts, bloating or holding extra water inside the body, or headaches. Sometimes people feel sad, angry or depressed. Everyone might get different things. If someone has really bad cramps or a lot of blood coming out of the body, she should tell someone like a school nurse, parent, teacher or doctor.
Any of a complex of symptoms (including emotional tension and fluid retention) experienced by some women in the days immediately before menstruation.
Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. A seasonal condition that afflicts some motorcyclists, especially those living in the northern portion of the United States, and the majority of those living in Canada and Alaska. Most noticeable during January and February.
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postmarketing surveillance
Post Marketing Surveillance - adverse reaction monitoring for drugs already on the market.
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Page Proof Pagination
Personalised Medical Services. This service is available in England and Scotland, and comprises a locally agreed contract between GPs and their local Primary Care Trust to provide a service to a particular group of people in their area, which can include homeless people.
A condition suffered by male or female when they can't ride their motorcycle due to bad weather.
Preventive maintenance inspection
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Private Market Sector
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Personal Medical Services.