Definitions for "PMPO"
Keywords:  blaster, ghetto, mini, rms, peak
Stands for Peak Music Power Output. Extremely Vague real world power output Indicator to say the least. Usually found on Mini Systems, Computer Speakers and Ghetto-Blasters to make them appear more Powerful than they Actually are.
Stands for Peak Momentary Performance Output. This is the specification used most often when rating the power output of head units (in-dash tape and CD players). Peak power is a measure of how much power an amplifier can produce for an instant. This should never be confused with the much more useable RMS or continuous power specification that measures the average power output of an amplifier.
eak usic ower utput. Used by electrical retailers to make dodgy equipment look more powerful. A hi-fi amplifier with a power rating of 50 watts will provide 50 watts to each channel (two channels for stereo, etc.), whereas a mini system with a power rating of 50 watts PMPO will actually output less than 25 watts to each speaker. Avoid PMPO hardware because it's not the true value.