Definitions for "PMC"
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Phantom Maintenance Connector
CI ezzanine ard PMC is a PCI-based mezzanine card that is widely adapted to VMEbus, CompactPCI and PCI cards. Small and compact (74mm x 149mm) and providing 32 or 64-bit data paths, PMC cards enable a large variety of PCI products to be retrofitted to other bus environments. PMC cards use 64-pin connectors. TechWeb
A small and compact (74mm x 149mm) daughter card that is used extensively in VME and CompactPCI systems. Uses PCI for transfers.
Performance Management Consultant
Programme Management Centre
port management cell
Processeur Multi-Carburants
Abbreviation for Programmable Machine Controller. The PLC function embedded is the controller.
Programmable motion controller, primarily designed for single- or multi-axis motion control with I/O as an auxiliary function.
Pasteur Merieux Connaught Resources
postmarketing commitments
precious metal clay. Finely ground silver, gold, or other precious metal, that is bound together with a maleable substance that disintegrates when heated, allowing the powdered metal to be shaped like clay.
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Post Ministerial Conference.
Public Mobile Carrier
Panasonic Mobile Communications
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particulate matter coarse
Personal Mitigating Circumstances
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Polymer-Matrix Composite
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Personnel, Mail and Cargo
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Platinum Capital Limited
Professional Monitor Company